From the Sun, bottom of the Pittman article.

False 'hut'
"Coach Brian Billick accused a Buffalo Bills defensive player of barking out the snap count and causing the Ravens to false start on three occasions in the team's 19-7 victory Sunday.

After quarterback Steve McNair called his first "hut" at the line of scrimmage, it is believed that Buffalo defensive tackle Larry Tripplett followed with a "hut" of his own and led the Ravens to shift before the ball was snapped, resulting in the false start penalties.

"You can't have a defensive lineman call out a snap count. That's illegal, and that's what they were doing. They did it three times," Billick said. "We will bring it to the officials' attention, but there's nothing you can do about it if they're not going to hear it." "

WTF, I have never even heard of any Defense doing this kind of crap. If it's true, Larry Tripplett should be fined, and so should the Bills organization.