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    Re: Were the reins on the offense vs the Bills?

    I'd forgotten about the Clayton pass. I was glad to see him not throw it stupidly into coverage, as often happens on those plays.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: Were the reins on the offense vs the Bills?

    It wasn't pretty, and I'm not usually satisfied with the rationale of "but at least we won, didn't we?". However, in this case, I'm satisfied with the W -- mainly because no one got injured. And going into the playoffs -- with a bye and no injuries -- I'd have to say we're in the driver's seat to win it all.

    GO RAVENS (41-0 when +2 in turnovers)

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    Re: Were the reins on the offense vs the Bills?

    Seeing as we've been successful with the long ball the last 3 games, yes i think they were holding back a little. I also think the WR pass option was just a peice of gristle for future antagonists to get stuck between their teeth while reviewing film.

    However, it wasn't all "holding back". Steve McNair had an off day (QB rating 70). The OL had a few penalties that stymied drives. There were a couple dropped passes. It's happened before. They'll be fresh and sharp after the bye.

    I thought this game was a prime example of a good team winning even though they came out a little flat, with maybe just a little poker-face thrown in.


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