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    Ranking this years games from a fan POV

    Here is how I rank them, and why:

    16) Bengals (L 7-13) This is the game where we looked our worst. Short week, rain, pressure, whatever it was, we fell flat. And with the division title on the line that night, it was not a pleasent feeling.
    15) Broncos (L 3-13) Again, we just looked bad. We could beat Denver almost any day, but not playing that far under or abilities. The best part of that game is Fassel was gone the moment Champ Bailey picked that ball in the endzone. We all know how that move panned out.
    14) Panthers (L 21-23) Definitly the most exciting loss. And the closest. We win if our secondary played to their potential.
    13) Bengals (W 26-20) This was my least favorite victory because of how close we came to letting them win. Clock managment still scares the crap out of me after how this one ended. It also was a very different game without those two early turnovers, but thats football, and a W is a W.
    12) Atlanta (W 24-10) This was one of the two games I was able to attend this year (Carolina being the other) and I will admit I was quit inebriated, but I remember a very boring win. Just nothing standing out here.
    11) Raiders (W 28-6) I rank this game where it is because I remember coming away with a sense that we should have put it away even quicker. We had to settle for 3 points too many times. On the other hand, it was our second huge win to start the season, and after the game I think we all started to let ourselves get a little excited about this team.
    10) Bills (W 19-7) Kind of a boring game. At times we did look like we were phoning it in, and I expected more out of the running game. Still, we got done what we needed to get done. A fine end to the regular season, save the fireworks for January.
    9) Browns (W 27-17) It was good to see Boller lead us to a W. Our D definitly let the Browns back into the game more then I like to see, but Cleveland always plays us hard.
    8) Browns (W 15-14) I rank this game higher than the other Browns game because we were able to go into their house and pull out what was (for them at least ) a real heartbreaker. Any time you can do that to a fan base that hates us as much as Cleveland does (although there is no fanbase that hates us more), the evil part of me smiles a little. And if you feel bad about that, just remember, Clevelands fanbase has NO mercy for us.
    7) Titans (W 27-26) In the weeks following this game, we saw that the Titans are not the joke they first appeared. Young is going to be huge in this league, and even though they lost in the end, he had his coming out party against us. I was much more upset about this win the week after then I am now that I see Tennesee is a threat next year. The great thing about this one was it showed how capable we are of coming back from a huge defficit. Thats something this team was not capable of in years past.
    6) Steelers (W 31-7) Waht can I say about this one? See my review of the first Pittsburgh game, because most of it will apply here.
    5) Cheifs (W 20-10) Nobody outside of our fanbase faithfull had us winning this one. "Nobody beats the Cheifs in December at home" was all we heard for that long week in the national media. After that game, noone could deny that this years Baltimore Ravens were the real deal. And we havent looked back since.
    4) Buccaneers (W 27-0) If we dont win our opener on the road, does the season turn out the same? Who knows? But part of me thinks not. That game surprised even those of us with the deepest purple glasses. It also broke two longstanding Ravens traditions, losing the opener and losing on the road. It set the tone for the following fifteen.
    3) Chargers (W 16-13) We looked flat for some of it, but got fired up when we needed to. I rank this one as number three because of the excitment of the game, period. I hope we see no games like this in the postseason, but you have got to love a game winnig TD in the final minutes, especially one where Todd Heap defies the laws of physics to get it done. That game was a regular season classic and one that we will all talk about years from now.
    2) Saints (W 35-22) Rob Long put it best on his show after the firing of Fassel when he said "With this move, Billick is saying he is captain of this ship and he is either going down with it or sailing it straight into Miami". We all had the bye week to ponder whether Fassell was the real problem, and I for one wasnt sure. At the kick off of this game I wasnt sure what the rest of the season would look like. Than Brian Billick showed us. This game reinvigurated this team and it's fanbase as much as the Tampa game, but most importantly, restored the players faith in their coach.
    1) Steelers (W 27-0) Was it the most exciting game? For any football fan that doesnt bleed purple, not by a long shot. But for the Ravens faithfull? It just doesnt get any sweeter then this. We killed the hated Steelers. We took the defending SB champs and smacked them around like a red headed stepchild, raked them over the coals, chewed them up and spit them out, nailed their girlfriend and then spit on their grave. The Bart Scott hit on Ben was the hit of the year from a defense that overacheived all season. Number one game by far in my opinion.

    Well, there it is. Hope at least one fellow board member makes it all the way through. Sorry I cant spell.
    And heres to hoping that all of our postseason games put these to shame!
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    Re: Which game this year your favorite?

    Excellent season review. I cant really disagree with your ranking (and reasons) at all. 16 down, 3 to go!

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    Re: Which game this year your favorite?

    I think you're spot on, Bo, especially the beat down of the Steelers as #1. That's the stuff that dreams are made of.

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    Re: Which game this year your favorite?

    I totally agree about the 27-0 beatdown of the Steelers as the best game of the season. That was complete domination.

    I'd move the Chiefs game up a few notches -- we were three point underdogs, and how many times did you hear that the Chiefs hadn't lost at home in December since last century?

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    Re: Which game this year your favorite?

    Every single one!

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    Re: Which game this year your favorite?

    I'd rate the win over the Steelers in Balmer as #1A and the win in Pigsburgh as #1. beating them here helped lock up the division and nearly eliminated them; beating them there cemented both. Pigsburgh has been breaking my fan's heart since the 1971 World Series, followed by playoffs in 1975 and 1976 and the '79 Series. (Pigsburgh even beat the Colts after they moved to Indy). and of course they eliminated the Ravens in the 2001 playoffs. so winning there, (not) hearing their fans, seeing all those empty seats, seeing them with that dull look in their eyes, seeing Wild Hair get burned by the rookie DWil...sweet, sweet, sweet.
    short of a playoff win, nothing is better than beating the Squealers.
    anyone remember, I think a 2002 game, where the Ravens got smacked by them and Coach Billick got up there and admitted "on O their 11 kicked the crap out of our 11, on D ditto, on Special Teams ditto..." I was so happy to see a dazed Cowher get up and admit 'we were outplayed and outcoached...' payback!!!

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    Re: Which game this year your favorite?

    I'll take your list and stick with it.
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    Re: Which game this year your favorite?

    Great list! I might put the Steelers win in Pittsburgh up a few notches though. It was a damn nice Christmas present beating them in their own house. No correct that....WHOOPING their asses in their own house, knocking them out of the playoffs, and shutting up any talk of the "fluke" win we had on Nov. 26th.

    I do agree about the Nov. 26th Steelers game being the best of the season. I was at that game it was the best one I've ever been to, hands down!

  9. Re: Which game this year your favorite?

    After the final game at Pissburg, I came to realize that we are going to the Superbowl baby!!! My favorite game was the first Sqeelers game...Big Ben on his back:D

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    Re: Which game this year your favorite?

    Actually, I will place the beat down of the Steelers, in Pitt, at number 1 with the beat down of the Steelers her in Baltimore at 1A.

    I enjoyed watching us destroy Big Jen with 9 sacks (I still say they had 10 sacks as that one sack that was negated due to penalty was bogus). However, seeing us beat down the Steelers in Pitt, after media folks and the Steeler players talking about revenge on us, was even sweeter for me. Plus, it happened on Christmas Eve during our family party.

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    Re: Which game this year your favorite?

    1. Steelers @ Balt
    2. SD @ Balt
    3. Balt @ Steelers
    4. Balt @ NO
    5. Balt @ KC
    6. Balt @ TB
    7. Bablt @ Tenn
    8. Cinncy @ Balt
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    Re: Which game this year your favorite?

    I think the shut-out to Pittsburgh was a statement game of who the top contender is in the AFC. That game is my favorite of the year.


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