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  1. OT: College Pick 'em

    This year instead of playing on the board I'm having a private game by email list. I have room for 6 more players. If anyone is interested drop me an email. It is late notice, but week one starts on Monday.

    Note: It is by email group so you must be prepared to give up your name and addy. There is also a $5 ante that will go into a pot for the winner. Udder n dat, I'll give you more specifics when you email me. I'd love to hear from a few of you who have played with us the past 7 years.

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    Re: OT: College Pick 'em

    Are you going to do the NFL pick'em this way too?
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    Crowdog and DRay will being doing Pros like it has always been done. Stay tuned for info.

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    Re: OT: College Pick 'em

    That is correct.

    Crowdog has a prize picked out for the winner, as well...but I'll leave that announcement to him.
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    Re: OT: College Pick 'em

    I'm in. If my profile doesn't list a valid emial, just PM me & I'll get that to you. I hope I'm not too late.

  6. Re: OT: College Pick 'em

    Email me at the above email address and I'll get you up to speed.
    Also- PurpleRulz- Iffin you still want to play, email me. First games are Thursday.



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