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    Re: Suggs on WJFK "The Junkies"

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    Scott is a slightly above average LB. I don't think anyone in this town thinks much differently either way. He's good but not great, and I do think he'll go elsewhere and get overpaid where he will look very average.
    Well, I dunno if you've heard the same things I have but there are alot of people in this town who think "The Mad Backer" is much more than above average. He talks alot. Maybe that's what they mean.

    This team needs to re-sign Suggs. If Ray wants to come back for a reasonable price, then fine. Scott can move on.

    Of course, the problem is that they wait on Suggs and now will have to pay even more. Pretty typical. Same thing with Jason Brown.


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    Re: Suggs on WJFK "The Junkies"

    I'd let Suggs go for either one of the awesome WR's on the Cardinals "straight up"....

    ...and I'm not blown away by Bart either.....I think he's OVERPAID, not overrated (basically his output doesn't equal his mouth or paycheck!!!

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    Re: Suggs on WJFK "The Junkies"

    I think Bisciotti made it clear that Ray is going to retire a Raven with his comments about paying pretty much anything to him. I was critical of this statement at first but after seeing what a mess letting your franchise player go can end up becoming (Farve), I am not so opposed to it now.

    So it boils down to who goes and for what value (and maybe Ray defers some money to free up cap space).

    The way Suggs spoke in the interview, I think its a pretty good bet that at least he thinks he is on the chopping block.
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