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I have to say that Ozzie's track record for the draft is legandary. To draft two HOF players in the same draft, in the same round is incredible. I like the way Ozzie operates and I respect him. That being said, they spent countless hours eveluating the season last year before they made any decisions. The group (Biscotti, Ozzie, Eric, Brian) came to a concensus that we could win with this offensive line. It's hard to imagine that Ozzie would lay his name on the line for that group. Other then JO, they are fairly plain and ordinary.

It is obvious that if the Ravens cannot run the ball effectively on the road they become very predictable and as it seems quite easy to defend. McNair will not last 5 games in if the oline plays as they did in Minn. Also the oline coach and Billick should be teaching them how to fire off the ball in unison without hearing the snap count and working as one. I was starting to trust Foerster somewhat after the iggles game. Now I am again not very confident in his coaching ability. This is the NFL. Games on the road in a hostile environment are pretty common. Its coaching and talent level.

If the FO and Billick were content with this group then we should see coaching make up for lack of talent to a degree. I haven't seen it.

We are not a good football team on the road. Especially falling behind in the score. We are not built to become pass happy and protect the QB. I still have trouble believing Ozzie would lay his reputation on this offensive line. It is out there for all to see.
I don't get what you mean about Ozzie. It's his job to build the team and if he thought the O-line wasn't up to snuff, it's his job to fix it. He's the GM and oversees the talent, not the coaching staff. I totally agree with AZRaven, this mess falls directly at the feet of Ozzie if it doesn't work out.