I fear we are married to this line as it is. No one of value will come available to be of help any more then the 3 future players: Terry, Brown, Chester. There is a timing issue of Chester and Brown not quite ready for prime time. Although I expect both will play this season and I hope Chester can at some point, unseat Flynn.


I see it a little differently. Flynn and Rabach are completely different players today and that is the job of the front office. They have to project during the term of the contract the type of player they have. Rabach is a better player then Flynn today. He is able to get to the second level and make affective blocks. At times it appears that flynn thinks his only assignment is to snap the ball. But when ever DT's like Pat Williams sqaures off against flynn, he is pushed back off the ball and many times into the QB, on running plays! To me both Brown and Chester are better at standing up their man as part of their assignment. Maybe Rabach isn't a world beater but he rarely is blocked into his QB on a running play!

I think Eric Decosta's comments right after the draft about "losing in the trenches" on both sides of the ball was something that needed to be addressed. That is why Ngata was drafted and he mentioned that was needed on the offensive side as well.