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Thread: Ogden Injury

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    Ogden Injury

    Anyone else starting to worry about this?

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    Re: Ogden Injury

    Nope. By the time he plays in our playoff game (assuming we have a first round bye), he will have had a full month off. He should be ready to go.

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    Re: Ogden Injury

    I am. These turf toe injuries can linger. I doubt it would keep him out of a playoff game but it might limit his effectiveness.

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    Re: Ogden Injury

    He was interviewed on TV and said it is improving quickly. This week he can walk without pain, he just can't run or push yet. I'm guessing he'd be good to go in a couple of weeks, especially if they put one of those special plates in his shoe.
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    Re: Ogden Injury

    In the playoffs is it's still bad they will shoot it up with pain killers.

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    Re: Ogden Injury

    Id rather keep him off the field until we need him which will be in two more weeks, The more rest he gets the better he'll play for us when it counts. I am more worried about playing mcnair all game and risking him getting injuried.


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