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    Who likes WR Roy Williams?

    I've read that he could be traded and after the turd they laid against the Bears this past week, he may want to come to a team like the Ravens. Who/what would we be willing to give up to get him and how much do you think he's worth or do you think he'd be too much?

    He would be a helluva a target for Flack and open up a vertical passing game!!

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    Re: Who likes WR Roy Williams?

    Not for what the Lions are asking for. They need to back down from that 2 1st round pick crap first.

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    Re: Who likes WR Roy Williams?

    I would give them a 1st round pick. If Mason is our #2 WR, our offense will be a lot harder to stop, Heap, Clayton and the other guys will be wide open.

    Roy Williams is a player. I have always liked him, and there is not a WR we could draft in the first round that would be a better bet.

    Demetrius Williams and Mark Clayton are solid, but this guy is spectacular.

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    Re: Who likes WR Roy Williams?

    Shouldnt this thread be titled "Who Could Afford Roy Williams?"

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    Re: Who likes WR Roy Williams?

    I haven't seen him play. Not sure why. Maybe because he's on the Lions? Hah.

    If he's truly pro bowl caliber and young, he's worth a 1st round pick and more. It's the "and more" part that's always hard to figure out and negotiate.

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    Re: Who likes WR Roy Williams?

    I like Roy Williams and would love to have him here. He is a really talented kid that has been suffering with a bad franchise and bad QB play...similar to Chris Chambers in Miami last year.

    No way in hell I'd trade more than a 2nd rounder for him though.

    The going rate for good WR's is a second round pick...TO, Moss, Chambers...all for a second or even less.

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    Re: Who likes WR Roy Williams?

    He's a #1 for sure, but at what cost? Next year, definitely because Flack will be capable of fully utilizing him by then...

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    Re: Who likes WR Roy Williams?

    Moss was a steal, from a senile fool. Chambers was well worth the 2nd rounder and Williams is better than he is.

    I think the Sea Hawks gave up a 1st rounder for Deion Branch. The Bungles turned down a firstround pick for Ocho Stinko.

    Drafting a WR in the first round is about a 50/ 50 gamble, so I would gladly give this guy the money instead and fill a big need with proven young talent. A first rounder alone is not going to do it. We may have to throw in more, but I would only give up a little more than that.

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    Re: Who likes WR Roy Williams?


    2004 DET 14 54 817 15.1 46 8 34 1 1
    2005 DET 13 45 687 15.3 51 8 31 0 0
    2006 DET 16 82 1310 16.0 60 7 66 2 2
    2007 DET 12 64 838 13.1 91 5 34 2 1
    2008 DET 4 15 209 13.9 25 1 13 0 0

    Is not worth a number one.

    He has had bad QB play, but they are still modest average numbers...just like Chris Chambers.

    Offer a 2, draft a CB/DT/DE with our first pick next year.

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    Re: Who likes WR Roy Williams?

    I admit I'm at a disadvantage from not seeing this kid play.

    But, I can offer this point of view: How many 1st round picks at WR reach the Pro Bowl in the NFL? How many in the top half?

    How many make the PB that are taken from the middle of the first round down? That's where the Ravens will probably pick from.

    I don't know the answer but would guess maybe 35% drafted in the top half reach the pro bowl and 25% of those drafted in the lower half. If that.

    I would much rather spend a 1st round pick on a known quantity-a pro bowl caliber reciever already in the NFL- than use it on the crap shoot that is the NFL draft.

    Of course if they were to offer him to us for a second rounder I'd take it. That have to be crazy, but I'd take it.

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    Re: Who likes WR Roy Williams?

    I would rather have Anquan Boldin actually. He wants out of Arizona after they didn't negoitiate a new contract with him. I don't know how much longer he is under contract there, but I would certainly trade picks or players for him.

    I am done with drafting receivers in the first or second round to be a go to guy here. We haven't had a lot of success and would much rather get a PROVEN veteran, instead of a rookie and wait for him to develop (if that even happens)

  12. Re: Who likes WR Roy Williams?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremiah W View Post
    Demetrius Williams and Mark Clayton are solid, but this guy is spectacular.
    Solid at what?

    If either one of those two cats were "solid" this thread probably isn't even started on here.

    I doubt either one of those two could do what Mason does right now even if we had a true #1 and Mason was gone.

    Neither IMO will amount to much more then they are now which is perhaps a #3 at best with having a true #1 on board.

    No way do we cough up a #1 in the draft.
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!


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