We pay this guy bigtime bucks, and during one of the most critical situations of the game, he goes for no gain and then loss of one. That is unacceptable. We were 1st down at the 36, so he has to somehow find a way to get a tough 4 yds, so its 3rd and 6 and not 3rd and 11. A lot more managable 3rd down and you can still ran the ball to get into better FG range (a 47-48yd FG in a close game... Stover has gotta step up and make the kick). McClain has proven that he can get those tough yards and Cam is using him in those situations. Was he hurt? McGahee has to learn to duck his head, and drive forward in these situations, like what McClain does. McGahee runs too damn upright. Yea being upright more allows you to see the run play and holes develop better, but Willis has gotta realize in that situation, the Titans are sending everyone, so there will be no lanes to run in. Duck your head and bull forward.