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    Re: Heroes and Goats...Week 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Lap View Post
    Great post. I have to disagree about Figurs though. The special teams haven't done any decent blocking for him lately. I don't think anyone short of Devin Hester could do much better with what he's had to work with.
    You could be right, Sir!

    I just think the past couple of games that he's looked jittery and uncertain back there. The feet shuffling is reminiscent of Jamal Lewis and upon catching the ball, I've noticed that he actually takes a step or two BACKWARDS...

    I know he has Top 5 talent in him; We've all seen him at his best and that's damn good. He has the ability to single-handedly change the face of a Ravens game when he's "on"... I know that a bogus penalty kept him from the end zone earlier this season, but since then it's been slim pickings for Yamon.

    Bottom line is we know both our overall offense and special teams units need to step up NOW.

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    Re: Heroes and Goats...Week 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Lap View Post
    This is the first time I've heard anyone give credit to the Titans line and it is deserved. They did an excellent job of protecting Collins. Way better than any team we've faced this year.
    They do deserve most of the credit more than the Ravens deserve blame, but some of the holding they got away with late in the game was blatant.

    Ray Lewis got flat out tackled by the C on the key pass play to Bo Scaif.

    Suggs was being held when he got flagged for malice in the heart. Not the old fasioned holding either where they have you by the numbers. I feel like you deserve to be held if the grab you there, but the grabbing of the outside of the shoulder pads and rolling a guy to the ground is so blatant, I can not see how they blew that call, or how we never seem to get it. What is holding?

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    Re: Heroes and Goats...Week 5

    All it proves it that one bad call can change the MOMENTUM of a game for better or worse. It may not seem important, but that blatantly incorrect roughing call totally shifted the course of the game in the Titans favor and they made the most of it.

    Let's go to Indy next week, where I'm almost positive Peyton Manning will receive similar treatment. I'm calling on our offense and special teams to step up to the plate and for Coach Harbaugh to ensure we're ready to execute.


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