The Suggs glasses are out in full force yet again ...

I am always scratching my head when someone with an obvious bias towards a player who isnt playing up to his potential always say "numbers dont show the whole story".

Ok, so what DO they show? Because last I checked, LB's of Suggs ilk are judged on their sack totals, pressure on the QB, tackles, etc. It's what THEY use when they are negotiationg contracts, showing how valuable they are to the team, etc. Yet, when it comes down to evaluating the player on our end, they mysteriously become invalid and incomplete.

Suggs had a sub-par game. Period. I know you two jock him pretty hard, but I mean this is a pretty obvious call.

Agree to disagree. But to say he was the hero on D negates the efforts of the 7 other defensive players who had better games.