Alright, I know we're all still very pissed about this past weeks game...and trust me, I would the NFL to do something about it....*cough* "We will support our officials no matter how blind they are *cough*...but we are still ok.

We are still in great position being 2-2 and if you look at the standings, we are still in the thick of things. The Steelers are 4-1 but very much catchable, the injuries will catch up to them eventually....and did anyone notice Ben grimicing in pain late in the game? I think he may be one good shot away from a really bad shoulder.

I remember last week that most people agree if you are 2-2 or better through your first four games then you are fine. The boys need to settle down and get one in Indy. This game is going to be important to both squads as both teams need to solidify themselves as contenders. We just need to hope that our boys don't let this one get to their heads and start making boneheaded plays.

Go Ravens!!!!!!!:ww: