I hate watching replays of losses, especially against da Squealers, but I had to watch the offensive series b/c of Flacco's performance. One thing I noticed was that on the Fumble Return for a TD, Woodley kicked the ball forward about 8-10yds, before he picked it up and ran it in the last 7yds. I always thought that you cannot advance a fumble forward by kicking it, based on the famous Holy Roller game, where Dave Casper purposely kicked the ball into the endzone on the final play of the game so he could recover it for the game winning TD. I always thought that since then, the ruling is that the fumble is placed back where the kick took place, and in this case the Steelers would have the ball on the 15 or 16 yard line. Now I know that Woodley did not purposely kick the ball forward, so maybe that would change the ruling. Then again, this could of been a play where the interpretation of rule could of benefitted us, like the famous Tom Brady tuck rule. He absolutely did kick it. Anyways, I wish someone would enlighten me on this.