But since then, have drafted Pashos in the 5th, Brown in the 4th, Adam Terry in the 2nd, and Chris Chester in the 2nd. Look around the league, the vast majority of O-lineman are late round picks or UDFA. It would be really stupid to draft an offensive lineman in the middle of the first round. But we've pick OL in the 2nd of our last two drafts.
That was my take on the situation 3-4 months ago. It has changed since then.

My problem lies in the fact that these guys aren't even seeing the field.

They may be young and inexperienced but are they NOT good enough to replace the likes of Keydrick Vincent and Mike Flynn? And if they are CLEARLY NOT good enough to replace these guys, then why don't we dip into free agency?

My problem is that Vincent and Flynn played HORRIBLY last season, yet they are STILL STARTING! Yes, we've *partly* adressed the need for OL in the draft, but it seems the guys we're drafting are projects and not ready to contribute. It seems that we need an immediate impact on the OL, yet it is continuing to be ignored.

Pashos is unproven and doesn't have a veteran backup. Apparently Terry can't play RT and needs MORE time. Chester didn't even start a full season in college at O-line and brown apparently cannot make the line calls. My question is WHY the hell can't a 2nd year 2nd round OT crack the starting lineup on our shitty line? Why can't a 2nd year first team AA and iron man in Jason Brown knock off Keydrick Vincent and Mike Flynn? Huh?

I'll say it again: if they REALLY and LEGITIMATELY are NOT good enough to start, then why are we keeping one of the worst OL's in the NFL together?

I'll be glad to eat my words on this one. The rest of our team is stacked, but the OL is a worry of mine.