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    Ray Lewis's Corner Stable?

    Does anyone know what happened with Ray Lewis' Full Moon restaurant changing to Ray Lewis's Corner Stable. When I first read about it the change was supposed to take place last September and they were going to expand the menu to include items from the Corner Stable. That would have been a good move.

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    Re: Ray Lewis's Corner Stable?

    The Corner Stable thing is not going to happen. Also, the "Full Moon" will soon be a thing of the past & it'll just be Ray's place. They have added quite a few items to the menu in the past couple of months, some very good, some mediorcre.

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    Re: Ray Lewis's Corner Stable?

    It was supposed to be done in September. Not sure what happened.
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    Re: Ray Lewis's Corner Stable?

    I havent eaten there in a year. It seemed pretty hit or miss. My entree was real good, my girls was awful. Glad to hear they added new stuff, Ill check it out again.

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    Re: Ray Lewis's Corner Stable?

    Yea I don't know what happened, they announced that Ray was going to end the partnership with the Full Moon place and start one with the Corner Stable but that seems to have fallen through.


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