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BTW: I like what I see in Mike Smith and I wonder how he would do facing 1st string offense.
We saw him in the Giants game and he was excellent. Its comforting to know we might not have to burn a 1st rounder to get Ray's successor. We may already have a very good player on the roster who cap wise is practically free. And since he's so cheap he should be easy to extend down the road.
Ngata will become that passrush DT that we need.
If you expect Ngata to be a passrusher you are going to be disappointed with his career. His job is to take on 2 lineman and push them back far enough that the QB has to retreat from the pocket (and get sacked by on of our rushers). He had 3 sacks as a senior at Oregon and I suspect that is about as many as he will get per year in the NFL (think 3-6). I would be shocked if he gets more than 8 sacks in any year of his career.