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    Re: Room for Improvement - Flacco

    I hear he played out of the shotgun a lot at Delaware. That's probably one reason why he hasn't developed his play action fakes that well yet.

    One of the things the pre draft scouting reports said about him is that he throws a very accurate deep ball. I think he just needs more reps with our recievers on the deeper tosses and he'll be just fine.

    If he's doing this well without having learned much about reading NFL defenses just think how good he will be when he's able to do that instinctively.

    I'm also jazzed about the idea that he can grow over the years with this young offensive line. Barring injuries, trades and what not, this group could be together for many years. I think they will develop some great teamwork over that time.

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    Re: Room for Improvement - Flacco

    Quote Originally Posted by festivus View Post
    Three lost balls, if I remember correctly. Two we recovered. His pocket presence seems pretty good, for the most part, though it was tested more last night than it had been the previous two games.

    I think he'll develop an better instinct for when and where to move with the ball, even when things are crumbling around him, no doubt.

    But last night, several times he seemed out of sorts and unsure about where the pressure was coming from and we paid for it in the 3rd quarter.

    That is indisputable, but not something I'm all that worried about. The kid made me proud when he righted the ship and lead us down the field to tie things up...


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