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    Re: My glass is half-full...

    We won that game 58-2 if you look at it in terms of the clock, that is a lot to be positve about.

    FWIW, I think a very overlooked reason we lost, was Ed Reed's fear of hitting people. He dove at Holmes during the TD in the third quarter, and was also a key missed tackle on Mewelde Moore in overtime. If he were the normal Ed Reed makign both of those tackels we win. I think they were more important moments hten JJ's penalty, Koch's bad punt... Not Flacco's fumble, but you get the point.

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    Re: My glass is half-full...

    Quote Originally Posted by Khaine View Post

    It'll be very interesting to see what 'the experts' say about us this week. I think we showed a lot of force on D and potential on O.

    Hopefully this will evolve into a very good year for us...
    Much unlike my hangover I feel coming on...
    Most of what I've seen and read is about the Steelers no huddle offense beating the Ravens, although the Ravens have gone up in ESPN's power poll, from 17 to 14.

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    Re: My glass is half-full...

    seemed to me like a game of adjustments; the Stoolers ran well early but got shut down; they stuffed the Ravens o early but Balmer got it going, etc. hard to be too unhappy about a road loss with rookie HC/QB etc. looking forward to the rematch.
    barring injuries I think Ravens can take the division.
    going into the game there was talk about how Ravens hadn't played anyone, but whom had the Stoolers played? Houston is no good, Cleveland got spanked, and they lost to the Iggles.
    so close! so close! we can all think of a dozen plays that could have changed it...
    Baltimore Ravens, 2012 NFL Champions!


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