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    My glass is half-full...

    ...because I feel that if we're in every game we play, like tonight, then I'll be happy with our team! We should have won this game, but as usual we couldn't finish.

    Flacco looked very poised tonight and rebounded great after his bad 3rd quarter. I feel like the sky is the limit with this team now and as long as he makes strides each week, we're gonna be an awesome team. Plus, I think we've ended our QB search!!!

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    Re: My glass is half-full...

    Spot on !!! It was a victory in a narrow defeat.

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    Re: My glass is half-full...

    I'm certainly not massively discouraged by the game and the manner of defeat but it is still slightly worrying. We were in total control of that game until that mad three minutes after Jarrett Johnson's personal foul. The momentum swung on that play and we never really got back in control of the game to the same extent. I firmly believe we were the dominant team in the game, but we were only ten points up, it's not that we weren't going for the kill shot, it's that we weren't good enough to finish them off and it's going to be like that for a while yet, probably all season. Teams are going to hang around with us and we'll probably lose another game or two that we probably shouldn't.

    I'm encouraged and the team has a ton of positives to take from this one, but even when you're a young growing team, dropping a game like this when the Steelers really didn't play well enough to win has gotta hurt big time. It's gonna be a tough job for Harbaugh to pick these guys up on a short week to get ready for a physical and ready Titans team on Sunday.

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    Re: My glass is half-full...

    My glass is still FULL! I only gained my respect for Flacco and the boys. I am not worried at all at the team getting ready for Tenn. I do feel that playing in our house, with mad players and mad fans will make it a Big WIN next Sunday!

    Its ok to be 2-1, since we can still be 17-1 now ! LOL

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    Re: My glass is half-full...

    That was our game to win. Stupid mistakes slightly tarnish a fantastic outing by Flacco. But, we lost the game. I still like what I saw. Take away that fumble for a score, and the JJ penalty, that game would have never seen OT, and we would have been 0-3.
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    Re: My glass is half-full...

    That was a hard game to lose. The Ravens showed up and played it tough against a team that thought they would be able to push/walk all over this team. Flacco answered the "can he bring this team back if behind on points" question.

    Why they didn't challenge the Mason TD that was called out of bounds became a big mistake that cost us points. But we battled back! We tied the game and forced them to go to Over Time.

    I hope Sunday is another good game as I'm bring my boy to his first full Ravens game.
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    Re: My glass is half-full...


    Settle down. Way more positives in this game than negatives. First and foremost, Flacco is the REAL DEAL. It's all fun and games to play at home, but it's something entirely different to play on the road and in Squeelerville, no less. He made a few rookie mistakes but didn't we, shouldn't we all expect a few of those. He's not going to come in and be perfect. How could he? BUT, he is a baller. He threw some beautiful passes, showed good presence in the pocket and damn he's a scrambler too. He shook off his mistakes and just kept playing. How many times have we heard the Ravens are not equipped to come from behind. Last night showed that tide has turned. Joe's fumble was costly, no doubt, but he led a hell of a drive to come back and tie that thing up.

    Defense still looks good. Big Bum got some passes out when he needed to but it was on a depleted secondary and we all know that you live by the blitz and you can die by the blitz. I'm happy. I'm not drinking the purple Kool-Aid when I say this team will be OK.
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    Re: My glass is half-full...

    There are clearly things to work on. Gaither needs to get his feet moving, Flacco needs to think a bit more about ball protection (get a cup?), Rex Ryan needs to sort out whatever happened in the secondary, JJ needs to think more about his composure on the field and the whole defense needs to weigh up making highlight reel hits against getting the guy to the floor, as there were some missed opportunities.

    But this isn't stuff that can't be taught and picked out in game film. I'm not hugely worried because I still think there are a lot of positives that can be drawn from this. It sucks to lose and like D-Mase said after the game, there are no moral victories, you win or lose, but there is something to build on and that's a start.

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    Re: My glass is half-full...

    Even though we still can't close the deal, Ray was awesomein that goal line stand. Our coaches are the Best in the entire league, and that is going unnoticed by a lot of people in the press. And, a real breath of fresh air, Harbs got in JJ's face bigtime after that penalty!!! Our team looks disicplined out there, for the most part, and we've definitely found a solid QB in Flacco. I just wish to hell this team would not meltdown in crunch time.
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  10. Re: My glass is half-full...

    -Ray Lewis made some huge plays last night.
    -Flacco looked very good. He throws a very tight ball.
    -Derrick Mason is our ONLY reciever.
    -I have been pleased with the coaching staff. I did think that they played not to lose in the second half. Another 3 minutes past the third and this game was OVER. JJ's penalty was a momentum shifter.
    -The team is better disciplined. Stupid penalties and yellow flags during the overtime drive killed any chance of winning.

    -If that is the top of the AFC North we have a great shot at it if the team can keep guys healthy.

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    Re: My glass is half-full...

    I've said this before and I'll say it again. If we stay healthy, there is no reason why this team can't be better than the '06 team, not necessarily in terms of wins and losses, but by our overall team balance. The D is just as good; our Offense is better; and, our coaching is better.
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    Re: My glass is half-full...

    Here's two reasons why my glass is half full:

    (1) The biggest story of the night to me was Flacco, as I said in another thread.

    -That TD pass was beautiful; it had perfect touch on it.
    -He threw the ball in very tight spaces accurately
    -The play where he scrambled to the left sideline and then all the way back to the right sideline, while connecting on the pass to Mason was shades of Donovan McNabb's pass against the Cowboys on Monday Night a few seasons ago. Not quite as impressive, but it was the sign of a future playmaker.
    -His deep throws were a bit off, but it's only a matter of time before he begins to hit them. I'm glad the coaches are taking chances deep.
    -Flacco's tight spirals are gorgeous. (Yes, I'm describing a piece of leather moving in circles the same way I would describe an SI model.)

    (2) Here's another huge positive: barring major injuries, this team should get better as the season goes on. Not better like most NFL teams improve throughout the season; I expect greater improvement than that. Flacco certainly will get better. He will get better at reading defenses and making quicker decisions. He will develop rapport with another WR not named Mason. The O-line will also improve.

    The Steelers, the only rival for the AFC North title, won't improve like the Ravens. I expect Big Ben to get more banged up, and I expect Willie Parker will have difficulties surviving the season.

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