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    Re: Is "Flack" Ready for PrimeTime?

    Quote Originally Posted by RAVENOUS52 View Post
    I agree, but remember: PRACTICE ain't GAMETIME...

    The Squeelers will be coming after our rook with, ahem..."Malice in their Hearts"... Let's hope he's up to the challenge!
    Thats why the Patriots practice indoors w/crowd noise playing at ~110db 's. It gives you the best simulation possible for conditions during a road game. The only thing you really can't replicate is rain, but as I brought up last year, a fire suppression system could be set up to replicate rain....

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    Re: Is "Flack" Ready for PrimeTime?

    I'll admit I'm nervous as Hell for Flack, but I have a feeling in my gut that tells me he won't play like a rookie tonight... As long as he avoids a Jim Druckenmiller-like performance, we should be successful tonight...


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    Re: Is "Flack" Ready for PrimeTime?

    I really want to win this game....

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    Re: Is "Flack" Ready for PrimeTime?

    Steelers suck....
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    Re: Is "Flack" Ready for PrimeTime?

    i think we will be alright bout and hour and a half to go i am going nuts waiting

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    Re: Is "Flack" Ready for PrimeTime?

    I think the answer to my original question would be: Almost, but not quite...which is amazing to say about a greenhorn rookie so soon in his development. That means that he's way ahead of the power curve...


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