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    Exclamation Ravens vs. Colts??

    As of today, the Ravens would get a bye week and would face the highest seeded opponent to emerge from the wild card round.

    As of right now, the toughest team that is scheduled for the wild card round will be the Colts, who are tentatively scheduled to face the Jets in round one of the playoffs. Barring a major upset (hello Steelers!), the Colts should advance to the 2nd round - in Baltimore - to face the Ravens.

    I'm not sure about you guys, but that matchup does worry me some. Any team that can go vertical is a potential problem for the Ravens. However, we have put on a Sack-a-thon in recent weeks and I think we all know how good Manning is without absolutely perfect line protection. He's basically another Kurt Warner.


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    Re: Ravens vs. Colts??

    The Colts struggle with big, physical offensive lines and running backs who can break tackles. We may not have the same brute force that we had in 2003, but we should be able to dominate their poor run defense. Add in McNair's ability to protect the ball and you have the potential for a lot of offense and clock control.

    Of course the matchup scares me, because it's the playoffs and no one can be overlooked. A couple of mistakes can lead to a loss in a shootout. But they worry me less than several others in the playoff field. While I believe that we have a great chance of beating any team out there this year, I won't take any win for granted.

    Starting with Buffalo. Let's not squander the gift the Texans gave us. That bye is HUGE.

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    Re: Ravens vs. Colts??

    1. I don't like the match up either, but it would be damn nice to have them in Baltimore in a game of great meaning, can you imagine the atmosphere?

    2. The Jets played them very tough earlier this year.

    3. Dont' EVER...EVER put Warner and Manning in the same sentence. You may hate the hype the guy gets, that's fine, but he is by far and away the best QB in the league right now. Sure, Brady "wins more superbowls" and Palmer might be a better "pure thrower" but NOBODY can read and react to a defense like Manning, on TOP of being crazily accurate.

    I certianly don't love the guy either, or his family. But he's the best damn QB i've seen play the game...and it isn't his fault that they haven't won anything since he's been there, period. You'll hear it again if they lose in the playoffs this year...he's a the same time their D gives up 150 yards to RON DAYNE.


    Kurt Warner?

    Any Qb is worse with pressure...but Manning can exploit the blitz with the best of them.

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    Re: Ravens vs. Colts??

    Love the matchup between the Colts and the Ravens -- we'll do just fine


    If New England wins its wild card I have a good feeling it will beat San Diego -- and I would rather play the Colts in the first game than New England everytime

    Teams that I think are the strongest (against us)

    San Diego
    New England

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    Re: Ravens vs. Colts??

    I prefer the Colts as well. In our opener last year,

    The Colts scored 3 first half points
    Our defense kept Manning in check in the first half and confused him
    Stover missed 3 FG's that had pivotal momentem swings
    We had missed interceptions, one that would have gone 99yds for a TD (CMAC)
    Boller was playing effectively (15 for 23) until he went down
    Boller and Wright combined for 355 passing yards

    This year they have no run defense and we can pound the ball at home with Jamal and Mugheli. I think their Offense would be shutdown at the VAULT by our defense, especially in the second half when we are at our strongest.

    Bring on the COLTS!:hammer:

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    Re: Ravens vs. Colts??

    I honestly don't care who we play. The offense is getting better each week, and the defense knows that tManning & Co is a task, and I believe we will step up to the challange. Pressure on the O and D lines are key, and if we can rattle the Colts up fron, we have a hiuge advantage

    The time around, we can at least put points on the board
    Waiting for the next one!!!

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    Re: Ravens vs. Colts??

    The Colts don't scare me. Personally, I would love it. It would heal a lot of wounds that are 23 years old. I know a lot of older Raven fans feel the same way.

    Bring it on!!

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    Re: Ravens vs. Colts??

    The Colts match up better against us then just about anybody. I agree we *should* beat them but they have a quarterback who is well protected and does not make many mistakes. They could with 1 part luck to 1 part skill put up 24 points, which would mean we would have to score.

    The question would be, can they stop Jamal Lewis before he looks like the great Ron Dayne. I personally think not, but it might be ugly.

    We should beat them, I think there's not a team in either conference we don't match up very well against, but the Colts do make me more nervous than any other team out there.

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