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Thread: My only concern

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    Re: My only concern

    I'm not yet concerned about Joe Flacco just yet. The fact that he hasn't thrown a touchdown yet is because he hasn't HAD to. When you're at the 5 yard line and you have LeRon McClain, Ray Rice, and Willis McGahee (who I am still not 100% sold on yet, although he made me happy yesterday), then why throw the ball? Pound the defense into the dirt and make them pay.

    Flacco made key throws when he had to. That roll-out across-the-field throw to Heap (the one catch Heap DID make) was beautiful. And when we needed yards, he got them.

    As for the mistakes, I can only put the Heap INT on him. Not a great read and the defender was there the whole time. But the flea flicker I can't put on him. We still have a problem with receivers not being able to get seperation. And while Mason had to fight for the ball, it was still there for Mason to fight for. I'm not worried about that play at all.

    Those likening this to Big Ben's 2004 season are dead on. Rothlesberger HARDLY threw the ball that year, but the throws he did make were important. Flacco is quickly becoming the same way.

    My concerns right now are mostly the offensive line holding up like they have, and our cornerbacks staying healthy. But hell, if they don't have to take the field the entire 4th quarter of a game, I'm not that worried!

    Will we beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh Monday night? I'm not ready to call that a win just yet. But I think it will be competitive.

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    Re: My only concern

    Speaking of McGahee, what was going on with his eye?

    They didnt have sound at the bar I was at. Looked like it was bleeding.

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    Re: My only concern

    Cut on his eye lid was what I remember hearing the CBS crew say. But was it just me or did it look like his left eye was swollen and closed up as well?

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    Re: My only concern

    Quote Originally Posted by Galen Sevinne View Post
    I think you need to keep it in perspective that the guy shouldn't even be starting. Boller gets hurt and Smith gets the infection. I don't think anyone thought he was ready to start but there was really no choice. The fact that we have gotten two wins is a bonus.

    The real test will be Monday night to see if he is really a capable NFL starting QB for 2008. I think everyone needs to remember that he is really the third string guy right now and not lose perspective and start thinking he is the "chosen one".
    Get over it already, he is the future of this franchise for better or worse and no QB on the roster was ready to start. What do we do, run without one since none of them were 'ready'?

    Troy Smith is not going to magically become the starter no matter what happens barring catastrophic injury.

    You don't draft a QB in the first round if your future at the position is the guy you got in round 5 last year.

    Boller? i think the whole state would laugh at that.

    I also don't get the stats thing.

    Let's keep 2 things in mind:

    1) Fantasy football is stupid and screws with how you watch the game.

    2) QB rating is also known as the "Montana is god stat" because they invented it only to justify all the gushing over the guy at a time when Marino and Elway were clearly better at their positions but not on as good a teams.

    My one real concern is the coaching staff, not Flacco, but so far they have done a great job. They have to put him in a position to make plays he can make on plays he and the team know. It's a new offense for everyone.

    Unlike Boller, Flacco has already proved the game is not "too fast" for him, he has not once had the 'deer in headlights' look we've gotten so used to seeing from Boller.

    I have 3 or 4 friends who make nonsense statements like those above because they feel like Troy Smith should be the starter, i'm tired of them honestly.

    So if i seem to be branding you with that brush i'm sorry, I don't mean to, and you didn't say that.

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    Re: My only concern

    He had a TD to Heap(dropped) the first game and to Mason during the Browns game.....remember the defensive holding down the sideline?...that was a TD!

    I'm not worried about a thing!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StingerNLG View Post
    But the flea flicker I can't put on him. We still have a problem with receivers not being able to get seperation. And while Mason had to fight for the ball, it was still there for Mason to fight for. I'm not worried about that play at all.
    That play amounted to nothing more then a long punt, but still counts against the QB stats.

    The ball was actually perfectly thrown to the spot it needed to be at which was a positive sign to me.
    The problem with that play was the amount of time it took for the ball to get back to Flacco and the location it was put at for Flacco to catch it.
    Basically IMO the biggest breakdown of that play was more on McGahee then Flacco.
    I think Mason actually had the defenders beat but the delay of the play allowed them to recover.
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!


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