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    Re: Give Ray your vote!!

    It was definitely a game changing hit but I agree with others, Ed's pick was soooo nice.

    He was talking about it in a post game interview and mentioned how he realised they were running a similar play to two plays previous and all he had to do was go catch the ball. :D

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    Re: Give Ray your vote!!

    Quote Originally Posted by bmorebirds_24 View Post
    well i am not sure if you noticed but it seemed like after that hit that ray lewis laid out.the ravens owned the rest of the game.i think that hit took alot of life out of the browns in general and not just winslow.

    reed's play was huge just think gotta go with ray on this one it changed the entire momentum of the game....we were down and that play put us in position to take the lead.
    ding ding ding ding ding, we have a winner!

    That one hit took all the fight out of the browns, Ray made them all scared to be hit like that again.

    it wasn't long after that when the whole browns team quit, about midway through the 3rd quarter.

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    Re: Give Ray your vote!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bez513 View Post
    Does ESPN still do the Jack'd up segment?
    Tragically no, I was really looking forward to that last night.

    - C -


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