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Thread: D is back

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    D is back

    We dominated two pretty prolific Qb's the last two weeks. The way the Bungles played against the world champs today should speak volumes about our D. Ben if he plays will be crushed next week. Slow wind up Leftwich will be squashed by us.

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    Re: D is back

    yea and if philly was able to sack ben 8 times, good god is he for a long game next week
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    Re: D is back

    This MNF game against the hated Stillers will be the bona fide litmus test for our squad.

    Haloti is killing double teams, backers are covering receivers...this should be GREAT!

    Man oh man...This Monday night football game is really important. Ravens win and we could be talking about 10 and 6...or better.

    Based on the sked though 10 and 6 would be awesome.

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    Re: D is back

    The defense has looked incredible through 2 games. They have allowed only 323 total offensive yards in 2 games.

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    Re: D is back

    Can't wait for Kelly Gregg to get back and for Fabian Washington to recover .

    Key is the health and the depth of our cornerbacks ; so far so good . .


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