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    Re: The Offensive Line

    Quote Originally Posted by RAVENOUS52 View Post
    Our passing game was virtually a non-factor yesterday. We won the game because of our bread-and-butter: A stout running game and an indominatible defense.
    I wouldn't exactly say that. If you complete 68% of your passes, even with 2 interceptions you HAVE to have made some passes to keep drives going.

    For example when it's still 10-7 Cleveland in the second quarter, and it's 3rd and 10. Flacco hits Mason for 15 yards.

    Or the cross-field pass to Heap that went 17 yards and into the red-zone 8 yard line.

    Of course the power running game pounded the Browns. But to say the passing game was a non-factor? A bit of a stretch.

    If you remember, we were penalized once when we tried to get too cute and threw a Hail Mary INT the other time on a play that took way too long to develop. We may well be switching our calls up more, but I don't see that as the reason that we're succeeding on offense.
    I'm not just talking about the flea flicker. I'm talking again about that roll-right/throw-left pass to Heap for 17 yards that Billick would never have called.

    I'm talking about shifting Heap and Wilcox left to right multiple times, shifting Wilcox back into the FB position, and then STILL sending Clayton in motion. And then out of that on the first play of the game play-actioning to a wide open Mason for 15 yards.

    We had so many people moving around the offensive line yesterday I think we got our first ever in the history of the Ravens illegal shift penalty (yes, I am exaggerating)! These are things our previous coaches simply did not do, and it kept the Browns fairly confused.

    If anything, I think it's because of our improved O-line play directly affecting our Running game, our improved Special Teams play and guys like these:
    ABSOLUTELY. No arguement there. But again, we had guys pulling, sliding, shifting. We had formations and personnel in there we've really never seen in a Ravens offense before. The running game worked because the coaches knew what to do to put them in the right situation to succeed at it; rather than just throwing a 2 back offense in there and running the ball up the middle every play.

    You cannot discount what Cam Cameron has done to change the feel and tempo of this offense, especially yesterday.

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    Re: The Offensive Line

    Quote Originally Posted by StingerNLG View Post
    You cannot discount what Cam Cameron has done to change the feel and tempo of this offense, especially yesterday.
    Not discounting it. I just don't think it played much of a factor in why we won today. We won the game in the second half. That part of the game was dominated by our defense, special teams and running game. We probably have the best overall rushing personnel we've seen since Priest and Jamal were in the same backfield with Gash at FB.

    I see potential in our passing attack and play calling, but yesterday we certainly didn't fulfill it and were pedestrian at best throwing the ball (and that's being generous).


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