Most of you already know this, but I was just curious and checked out the Colts team website to see what they say in their team history. I was reading about Johnny U, Lenny Moore, Don Shula, etc. Finally, I came across the year I was most interested in (1983-1984). They never even mentioned the team skipping town in the middle of the night. I was looking for it like, "What the crap? They're just not gonna even mention it? Like it never happened?" They just go straight to the 1985 season telling how queer-ball Robert Irsay appointed Rod Dowhower as coach (blah blah blah...) I couldn't believe it.

The very first paragraph says "when Colts Owner Robert Irsay moved the historic NFL franchise from Baltimore to Indianapolis—the friendly heart of the midwest." How bout more like "when Colts Owner Robert Irsay screwed the city of Baltimore and moved their team to a city known for Hoosiers and race cars." Towards the end, they claimed 11 Colts hall of famers as their own, with only 1 of the 11 actually playing for the Colts in Indy.

I wasn't born yet when the Colts left Baltimore, but I've heard the stories, seen the pictures, read about Johnny U, my dad telling me stories about Alan Ameche's restaurant "I'll meet ch'ya at Ameche's", and my dad getting thrown out of Johnny Unitas' bowling alley's as a kid. I wasn't around when they were the Baltimore Colts, but if I were, I'd be the biggest die-hard Colts fan there is. I know this may all be old news to some of you guys who actually lived through it 25 years ago, went through these arguments before, but it still just pisses me off that a bunch of wishy-washy, fair weather fans who could give a crap about the Colts unless Peyton Manning's playing stole a team like that (one of the most historic, legendary teams in NFL history) and moved them there.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am praying that the Ravens meet the Colts in AFC Championship game. On a Monday Night, nationally televised, wearing the "pitch black" uniforms, facing a healthy Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Dwight Freeney...all of them. "Are you retarded? Every time we play in those exact circumstances, we get the crap beat out of us on national tv." Exactly. So with all the stakes against us, that if we beat them, it will make the moment so much more sweeter.

Piss off Indy.