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    ok, squirrell bladder, I tailgate in Lot H, I think it has one of the best party atmospheres of any of the lots. They have spot-a-pots a different locations all around the lot, some just has 3-4 lined up, one far end has about last week no lines at all, but i usually only have to go once before i go in. plus there is an outdoor place every goes under the light rail bridge...if you really have to go
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    Re: OT: Parking, Need Opinions

    Lot O is the CBS Radio lot at Ostend and Ridgely and the day-of-game spaces are $40 but it is limited as the lot is mainly held by season pass holders. It is a great spot for tailgating, not to far from the stadium, and the port-o-pot lines are not long at all.
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    Re: OT: Parking, Need Opinions

    Don't care how may smelly potties there are, i wait for the stadium


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