I am looking for a parking pass for the 10/5 titans game. I have friends coming into town and none of the people I go to the games with are tailgating this year. I want to give them the full experience.

The problem is that I have only ever tailgated in 2 lots and don't know what the other ones are like.

Please let me know where you have tailgated and what you like/dislike about the lot so I can decide which lot to buy into for that game.

My lots:
Up until this year I always tailgated in Lot A, but the crowd that has the parking passes are not tailgating this year and they are going to the bars instead. What I like about this lot is the proximity to the Camden Yards bathrooms.

I also tailgated once in Lot N which was horrible b/c the bathroom lines for the port a pots was at least 40 minutes long and when I am drinking I might as well just get right back in line after I go to the bathroom b/c I will have to go again by the time I get to the front.

So I guess my biggest concert in the bathroom situation in the lots. I don't mind walking far to the stadium, or waiting after the game to get out(although if you want to comment on this part I would be interested).

Please help with your $.02

I really appreciate your input. Thanks.