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    Flacco's Second Game

    Very curious to see how Joe shapes up this week.

    Being a rookie, he's going to have some bad games. That's almost guaranteed.

    So far I've been very impressed. Given the amount of NFL experience he's doing an amazing job: Running the no-huddle, limiting turnovers, calling good audibles at the line, positioning players on offense, getting rid of the ball quickly, throwing it away when needed, etc.

    I also like the fact that he can throw it on a line, or with touch, with accuracy. He makes good adjustments in the pocket and seems able to still make a smart play when the defense doesn't unfold as expected.

    If he was a 3rd year QB he'd be doing an OK job. Given the fact that he was playing against the likes of Towson State last year he's been amazing.

    I know it's REALLY early to form an opinion of this kid yet but I have been very impressed but what he's shown.

    So-how do you think he'll make out against the Browns?

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    Re: Flacco's Second Game

    Yeah.. Getting a bit nervous. Especially seeing what happened to Ryan and his second game.

    Our RB's really need to step it up for a second straight game, and we need to use Demetrius Williams to stretch out that field.

    If DW is in full stride, their secondary is not quick enough to keep up with him.

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    Re: Flacco's Second Game

    It comes down to 1) Protection 1A) His first read getting open 2) Success on 1st down running the ball (control Shaun Rogers) 3) The Defense controlling the game, not letting us get behind by an more than 7 throughout.

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    Re: Flacco's Second Game

    The Qb is more dependant on other players for him to be succesful than any other guy out there. The defense is not easy to read if they do not have to stack the box to stop the run or blitz to create pressure.

    The WRs have to hold on to the ball. Flacco was 2 drops away from the best game a rookie QB may have ever played. It does not mean he is the next Dan Marino, but it does mean he may be.

    I agree with the breakdown of his game. I saw not only vet Qb type reads and poise, but he put the ball on the money with touch or zip as needed like savvy pro.

    The pass that blew me away, aside from the flick of the wrist pass that went like 80 yards, was the touch pass to the FB in the flat that was just out of reach for the LB and dropped into McClain's hands right over his shoulder in stride.

    So far Joe not only looks better than Boller, he looks way better than Carson Palmer, but like I said, that has a lot more to do with his circumstance and right now the Ravens appear to be a very talented well coached and balanced team that has a physical edge that few teams can match up with.

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    Re: Flacco's Second Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremiah W View Post
    The pass that blew me away, aside from the flick of the wrist pass that went like 80 yards, was the touch pass to the FB in the flat that was just out of reach for the LB and dropped into McClain's hands right over his shoulder in stride.

    Exactly. It also demonstrated the ability to adjust quickly on the fly when the play didn't go exactly as drawn up. When the LB took position between Flacco and McClain and Joe threw it, I thought there goes an INT for a Cincy TD.......

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    Re: Flacco's Second Game

    There's just something about Flacco that makes me think that he'll be one of the great ones. He has all the tools, and the brains to go along with it. He's calm, cool, and collected out there and doesn't let the speed of the game affect him. He just plays his game and keeps his mind on the task at hand.

    If nothing else the law of averages would dictate that the Ravens are well overdue for a real, competent QB. I just have a feeling about this kid that makes me think he's going to be leading this team for a long time to come.

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    Re: Flacco's Second Game

    It will certainly be interesting to see how Flacco plays against Cleveland. Entering Week 2, I expected him to struggle on the road, considering Houston would have game film on which to build a plan to rattle the rookie. However, with the cancellation, Flacco gained an extra day or two to prepare for Cleveland while the Browns did not gain any additional film on Flacco.

    Being at home and playing a weaker defense, I expect Flacco to play another solid game. It's a bit premature to expect 250-300 yards and 3 touchdowns, but I would not be surprised to see steady improvement in the range of 175 yards and a touchdown.

    The key will be providing solid protection and a sound running game. If the Ravens are able to do this, Flacco will continue to play with confidence and lead the offense effectively.


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