Very curious to see how Joe shapes up this week.

Being a rookie, he's going to have some bad games. That's almost guaranteed.

So far I've been very impressed. Given the amount of NFL experience he's doing an amazing job: Running the no-huddle, limiting turnovers, calling good audibles at the line, positioning players on offense, getting rid of the ball quickly, throwing it away when needed, etc.

I also like the fact that he can throw it on a line, or with touch, with accuracy. He makes good adjustments in the pocket and seems able to still make a smart play when the defense doesn't unfold as expected.

If he was a 3rd year QB he'd be doing an OK job. Given the fact that he was playing against the likes of Towson State last year he's been amazing.

I know it's REALLY early to form an opinion of this kid yet but I have been very impressed but what he's shown.

So-how do you think he'll make out against the Browns?