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    Ravens v. Browns Tickets Now Available

    The Cleveland Browns have returned 350 tickets to the Ravens for this Sunday’s game at M&T Bank Stadium. Kickoff is at 4:15 p.m.

    Those tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster by calling 410-547-SEAT or by visiting

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    Re: Ravens v. Browns Tickets Now Available

    I am curious ...
    Are we sure these tickets were all returned by the Browns?

    I ask because I've seen tickets still for sale at ticketmaster for other games too (Titans, Raiders). They seem to be single seat in the club level.

    I also did not see the annual article "Ravens sell out season in under 15 minutes" this year.

    Other teams have been in danger of blackouts this year (Miami). Are we in the same boat?

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    Re: Ravens v. Browns Tickets Now Available

    No, I doubt it at least. A "Sell Out" does not necessarily mean that every single seat in the stadium is sold. When a game is virtually sold out, meaning it has only scattered singles available, the game in considered sold out by the team and tv stations.

    The teams of the NFL do offer tickets to the visiting team to sell/give as comps to its team. The tickets being returned to the Ravens are those tickets. The Ravens are in no danger of being blacked out. I would say differently if we didn't have a list of people waiting to get season tickets. Since there is a list, every possible season ticket is sold which cuts the number of available single game seats way down.

    Once again, no concerns.....also 350 tickets is such a small amount when compared to the size of the stadium.

    Also, found this on the Ravens Website:

    Away Game Tickets

    A limited number of away game tickets are made available to the Ravens for use by players and coaches.

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    Re: Ravens v. Browns Tickets Now Available

    I think each visiting team is given 500 tickets to sell to fans and players, if they teams don't use them they turn them back on Thursday before a game. They are usually nose bleeds.

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    To the best of my knowledge Club level seats do not count in the sellout total


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