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    Another way to look at it

    Everyone was bitching over the schedule change the NFL made with the Ravens. Oh which included me also. This extra week off might be what the injured Ravens needed. We are going into two (2) hard division games with the Browns and the Steelers. Maybe our starters will get well enough to jump out to a 3-0 start. However the Steelers will be real hard to beat in their stadium on Monday night.

    Let's just hope this gives our starters a real jump star into the next two (2) games.

    See all of you on Sunday.


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    Re: Another way to look at it

    and gives the rookie qb another week to prepare.
    "Nothing stops these Baltimore Ravens. Beat them, injure them, shove them to the bottom of the standings, drag them into a hostile environment and mount a big lead, and they just keep trudging forward like nothing fazes them." (Bleacher Report)

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    Re: Another way to look at it

    Not that I expected to lose in Houston, but it would have been a very tough game and we were not very healthy going in (16 on injury report).

    The rest should really help get McGahee and Williams back and we were looking at facing the Texans w/o Fabian Washington and derrick Martin, and Ivy sprained an ankle.

    If we play this game with everyone but Troy Smith and Kelly Gregg, it should be a good day, and should really get this team on a roll while sending the Clowns tumbling like Ol' Charlie Brown.

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    Re: Another way to look at it

    Steve please.....

    I am sure plenty more players will be dinged up after 9 games than 1 and training camp.....

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    Re: Another way to look at it

    Sports Steve ... I hold true to my first statements after the game was moved and we were awarded this early bye week. I would rather be healthy now and get to 3-0 then deal with it later then come out of the box 1-2 and have to make up time. I just hope that Flacco got the time he needed to game plan based on what worked in game 1. Getting our starters healthy now was needed and important. We can deal with the future then ... Now we just need to be 2-0 then get the Stillers on Monday Night ... Hey BEN ... BART FEELS GOOD THIS YEAR !!!

    "It is not how you play the game that matters... It is Winning The Super Bowl that counts"... Rumor Ray

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    Re: Another way to look at it

    now i am sure having a few days off right now didnt hurt the team.but i still stand by what i thought before.this team would have really benefitted from a week 10 bye.unfortunately the NFL once again did what they had to do to make it right on their part.

    i think we are getting the browns at the right time.they are beat up,feelings are hurt because they couldnt stop 4 year olds on defense.the running game is a mess.their best receiver cant catch a cold and winslow is a mouthy idiot.

    all in all i am happy to have the browns come to m&t this weekend and hear my loud mouth...

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    Re: Another way to look at it

    When is Kelly Gregg expected back?

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    Re: Another way to look at it

    With the 30 and over club and a lot of the starters faking injuries during the "hard" camp the early bye week is a good thing. Plus, Willy Anderson got some time to get comfortable which will be huge.

    How a team starts the season goes a long way .... there are a lot of preseason favorites reeling after two games.

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    Re: Another way to look at it

    I Don''t changing the BYE week but we did have a lot of injured players. Anyone hear how Ed Reed is doing ?
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    Re: Another way to look at it

    True, there are ways to take the lemons and make lemonade, i don't disagree at all.

    The Ravens are professionals and i'm sure they are trying their best to put it in a positive light.

    Still the way it was handled and the national media coverage scream loud and clear "Screw Job!" and there is no objective way to deny that so to me it's best that the fans be pissed and the players be pros.

    all is as it should be.

    I hate the NFL, love the Ravens and can stand a few other teams.


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