Well with all the craziness involved in this Hurricane, rescheduling of bye weeks, and no real bye week b/c the team practiced all week.

In past years I would guarantee that the Ravens would lay an egg in this upcoming game, and this would probably spur a losing streak. Then the mouthy Veterans would start spouting off against the coach and probably the NFL for the poor planning. Then you would see the players lose focus on the field and start committing stupid penalties like throwing flags into the stands...

Sorry for the ramble.

I think with everything that has happened in the past 4 days, this is a critical turning point one way or another for the Ravens this week. Beating the Browns is absolutely crucial to this teams success for the rest of the season.

It's time to see what Harbaugh is really made of. I have liked everything I have seen from him so far. Come on Harbs get the team going.