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    Nfl Tv Commentary

    Since there was no Ravens game to watch yesterday, I first watched the 'skins game, and listened to Coach Billick and the other member of the "killer bees" do the game. I thought Billick did quite well for his first time out. Second, I listened to the Sunday night game, and heard Al Michaels state that it was Paul Tagliabue's idea for Art Modell to leave the Brown's colors and logo in Cleveland upon moving the team to Baltimore - I thought that was Art's initiative?! Madden then followed up by stating that leaving the colors and team's history in the city that just lost the team was the only right thing to do, with NO mention of Baltimore and its situation. Finally, Coach Cowher stated during one of the pregame shows that the Stillers are the Best team in the AFC. Personally, I feel IF our team stays healthy, we can be every bit as good as the 2006 team - better coaching, same D, and better O. So, I watched alot of football on the tube yesterday, and, for the most part, came away from it being very annoyed with both the commentary, and the outcome of both the 'skins and stillers game - the Ravens need to beat both of these teams bad!!!!!!
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    Re: Nfl Tv Commentary

    NFL stands for Not For Long if you don't parrot the company line; I do think someone mentioned 'the other cities' (?)...Coach Billick is a natural at this sort of thing...skins had no business winning that game...Deion was funny doing the NFL Network highlights on the Chiefs/Raiders game; 'We're contractually obligated to show these'...
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    Re: Nfl Tv Commentary

    Yet again the Ravens dont exist in the eyes of the national media. Fine with me. I embraced the "us against the world" mentality that most people from this town feed off of so well a long time ago.

    All of a sudden, our schedule does not look as daunting as it did 2 weeks ago. The AFC has taken some hits. Not saying it isnt hard, but how many games do you put an "L" next to in pen? Cinci and Cleveland look terrible and are on the brink of meltdown. Assuming Flacco can progress and not become a liability, we have a chance to win more games then we lose. And when it is week 14 and we are in the WC hunt, we still wont be noticed.

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    Re: Nfl Tv Commentary

    Did anyone hear Cowher during the pregame show say "Ocho Chinko"? & then the rest of the talking heads including Shannon "Bronco Nation" Sharpe laugh it off? Wow in this day & age.

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    Re: Nfl Tv Commentary

    I felt after listening to Billick, that he still has a lot of Sour Grapes for the way the Baltimore Fans treated him. He kept making coments about the crowd booing decisions.

    Also he spent a lot of time defending short passes on 3rd down and talking about how the defense gets paid too and they won't let you do this and that on 3rd down. It really seemed like his whole coaching philosophy was driving his commentary, and I still disagreed with most of it.
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