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    Message from across the Globe

    So I've made it to Balad Air Base Iraq. Good thing is I have easy access to the internet. Thank God I come still come here to get all the latest and greatest on the Ravens.

    Speaking of which WTF! One long plane ride later and instead of playing Monday we get a bye week! I think the NFL loves to shit on the Ravens.

    Anyway I'll regularly post photos from the sandbox.

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    Re: Message from across the Globe

    Stay safe Dade.
    We are all bummed about the game (but more so about what comes in november now) but what will be will be.

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    Re: Message from across the Globe

    Stay safe. Tough break about the game that is for sure, hopefully you have good internet access, because I am sure AFN won't show any extra Ravens games (just the nationally televised night games) I found this out the hard way last year when I stayed up to watch the Cincy and NE game.
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    Re: Message from across the Globe

    Definitely sucks about the revised bye week ....

    Hope things are going safe for you over in the sandbox. Drink water, drink water, drink water!
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    Re: Message from across the Globe

    Welcome to LSA Anaconda, brother... I've spent a little bit of time there during previous deployments. Relatively speaking, not a bad place to be stuck!

    Should be a relatively safe and uneventful stay, as long as you apply the training you've received and common sense.

    I believe the Army and Air Force still maintain operational control of the base.

    Stay safe and Semper Fidelis!!

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    Re: Message from across the Globe

    Two Deployments in the Navy to the Gulf was enough for me. Stay safe and hydrate.

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    Re: Message from across the Globe

    The biggest problem we ever have should be an unscheduled Week 2 bye. Take care, Dade, I want to see a photo of the world's largest replica of the Statue of Liberty, made completely of sand.

    Get started!


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    Re: Message from across the Globe

    If we have any part in entertaining you while you are over there serving our country, that almost justifies all the time I spend online during work!!

    Stay safe.


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