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    As long as the o-line preforms well this week, every position is a proven(sp?) one. Just proving that they can play in an NFL game. Personally, I'm not worried. Yes, I think we're going to get creamed when we play the Bucs, but after that we won't lose more than 7 games.

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    Re: Butt Kicked

    Thanks Greg and Iosac. I didn't think that I needed to play Captain Obvious, but I guess there are planty of purple-colored glasses out there.

    The defense has played the underneath WAY too soft and the offense (and I'm spreaking of the starters in both instances, not future Wendy's fry cooks) has been inefficient. 12 play drives are great but not if they result in field goal attempts. This offense has a mandate now - keep the defense off the field AND score TOUCHDOWNS. Sorry, but I'm not seeing it. If McNair doesn't dive and barely make it to the corner of the EZ, what is there to hang our hats on for three games?

    If you like what you've seen thus far, you have a low standard. This team competes in arguably the toughest division in football, and we have a brutal schedule. The Ravens can't afford to waltz into Tampa dancing and prancing and playing like they are the '85 Bears or the Montana 49ers. Because they are not, and a team like Tampa is liable to take McNair's head off. Think you were in shock when Boller went down vs. Indy? A similar incident with McNair would make the season look like this:

    WORLD CHAMPIONS 2000 * 2012


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