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Thread: Week 2 bye!

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    i think the commish needs to get a mind of his own and not worry what the offiacial say down there.i dont care what catagory the hurricane was predicted.IMO i think he should of took the chance and moved the ttake the chance and see what the damge the storm leaves...

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    This is another screw-up by the NFL! This situation could have been totally avoided but instead it turned into a logistical nightmare because of bad planning and not relying on multiple weather reports! Both teams now get royally screwed with this so called week 2 Bye. This isn't/won't even be a bye week because both teams practiced all week and have to get right back at it starting on Wednesday.

    My thoughts go out to Houston and the surrounding areas affected by the storm! My anger is directed towards the #### poor planning by the NFL.

    In addition, "Both teams play the Raiders later in the season. The Ravens play them at home and the Texans on the road. If the NFL had simply switched the venues of those 2 dates, everything would have worked out, with minimal disruption to the schedule. Everyone would have had 8 home and road games, nobody's bye would have to be moved, and Oakland would have until week 8 to deal with any minor issues that this may have caused them."

    Really shows you how well NFL executives thought about alternatives! /WNSTBaltimoreSports Radio/tabid/36/Entry ID/6256/Default.aspx


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