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    Re: Houston Chronicle Reports

    houston i see what your saying here and trying to explain but dont you think the NFL should of said look lets not take a chance and ruin anybodies schedule and move this to another location its one game some how or some way we can make it up to the texans????

    i understand the county down there said this or that but the NFL needed to take on its own mind and control the situation themselves.

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    Re: Houston Chronicle Reports


    Finally, an unemotinal debate about the topic!

    That argument was made down here as well. There are some Texans fans that are just as every bit upset as people on the boards.

    Sounds to me there are two problems here. However, we all seem to agree that the remedy of taking our bye week away was jacked up beyond all belief.
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    Re: Houston Chronicle Reports

    Just posted this in the Flacco's first road game thread, but wanted to say it here also

    I would guess the only good thing about this mess is that we get an extra week to prepare for a hated division rival that we need to beat.

    HoustonRaven said it "lets just beat the piss out of the Clowns!"
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