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    Wednesday's Practice Injury Update


    QB Troy Smith (illness)

    DT Kelly Gregg (knee)

    LB Brendon Ayanbadejo (leg)
    WR Yamon Figurs (hamstring)
    CB Derrick Martin (shoulder)
    CB Fabian Washington (neck)
    WR Demetrius Williams (hamstring)

    TE Todd Heap (wrist)


    S Sean Jones (knee)

    S Mike Adams (not injury related)
    WR Joshua Cribbs (shoulder)
    LB Kris Griffin (calf)
    LB Willie McGinest (hamstring)
    TE Martin Rucker (knee)
    WR Donte' Stallworth (quad)
    G Eric Steinbach (shoulder)

    WR Braylon Edwards (shoulder)
    RB Jamal Lewis (ankle)
    DT Shaun Smith (hand)

    G Ryan Tucker (hip)
    RB Lawrence Vickers (ribs)

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    Re: Wednesday's Practice Injury Update

    That is a lot of talent on the shelf for them and a bunch of players coming back into the mix for us. When every mismatch is found and exploited, the lack of depth will get you beat no matter how good your stars are.

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    Re: Wednesday's Practice Injury Update

    I try not to look too deeply in injury lists, but I agree they do seem to be missing a few!!

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    Re: Wednesday's Practice Injury Update

    The injury report is the only peice of info I really read into when picking games.
    Anything they say is suspect, and even the injury report is as ambiguos as possible, but they only do it to satisfy the wise guy who makes a living playing the line.

    The NFL game comes down to individual matchups. The team that has the most mismatches usually wins the game and just a few injuries can swing the game the other way.

    The Ravens D is just not nearly the same if you just take out Samari Rolle. Washington may be able to fill the spot, but last year as soon as one of the corners went down it was open all day out there.

    The Bob Sanders injury should turn a suspect but dangerous Colt D into a terrible one.

    If Steinbach can not play or play well even, Nagta is going to destroy the middle of the line on every snap.

    If Stallworth can not stretch the feild, Winslow and Edwards will draw the same type of coverage Stinko and TJ Pony Tali Pimp Juice got boxed in with.

    The Ravens were smashed up by injury all year last season. They could still stop the run and run the ball, but the holes were exploited every week.

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    Re: Wednesday's Practice Injury Update

    This Kelly Gregg thing is beginning to sound like the Todd Heap injuries of the past.

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    Re: Wednesday's Practice Injury Update

    Quote Originally Posted by yeahravens View Post
    This Kelly Gregg thing is beginning to sound like the Todd Heap injuries of the past.

    Even under Billick we never knew what was really going on in terms of injuries severity. That is why the practice report is so imprtant. They don't want you to know but they are required to report who is at practice and who is not and list them as Probable 75%, questionable 50%, doubtful 25%, but like the weather report 20% chance of rain or whatever we have to see what happens Sunday and who is on the active 45 to really know if it is raining, pouring or a bright sunny day with Reed Rolle and C Mac locking down the Bungles.

    But on the injury tip, I thought Boulware was coming back off the PUP list and he basically was never seen again only making a reserve appearnce when Dan Cody went down. I really was looking forward to watching Suggs and Boulware coming off opposite edges.
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