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    Re: A Ravens Mount Rushmore?

    Ray, J.O., Reed, Flacco

  2. Re: A Ravens Mount Rushmore?

    Quote Originally Posted by PARavensJeff View Post
    Player Edition - R. Lewis, Ogden, Reed, Stover
    Front Office Edition - Modell, Billick, Newsome, Savage

    This is who I would have picked!

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    Re: A Ravens Mount Rushmore?

    C Mack is the cornerstone of our defnsive succes as much as Ray or Reed have been. Reed was not on the SB team while McCallister was locking Wrs down like Prime Time. He is sort of like J.O., you never really notice how good he is unless you start thinking about how much his mistakes stand out.

    I can only remember C-Mack giving up a bad game or two to Ocho Stinko, and I can only think of Freeny as having more than one sack in a game vs a healthy J.O.. When McCallister holds 10 #1 Wrs including T.O., Moss and Holt to 3-4 catches for 20-50 yards, there is not much said about it the way it is noticed when the Ravens go on a streak of shutting down RBs.

    Not much else on defnse can work if you have to double the #1 WR on every play. The Ravens create confusion and big plays on defense by alternating the double teams and rolling the coverage all over the place.

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    Re: A Ravens Mount Rushmore?

    I could imagine a monument that featured Ray Lewis on the right side, a grimacing look on his face, followed by Michael McCrary to his left, with that glare in in eyes that he showed on every down he ever played in the NFL.

    The left side would have the towering giant Johnathan Ogden, with that determined look of a champion. And to his left would be the impeccable Matt Stover, holding a finger to the breeze, as if to test the winds before his final field goal.

    That monument should be placed beside 295 prior to coming up on M&T Bank Stadium. What a gateway to the city that would be.

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    Re: A Ravens Mount Rushmore?

    Ray Lewis for now, and then faces of the guys who win us our next three Superbowls.


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