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    Take A Moment Today

    Take a moment today to remember the victims of the World Trade center 911.

    Also on this date in 2002 we in Baltimore we lost the great Johnny Unitas

    RIP All The Souls Of The Individuals lost on this date September 11th

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    Re: Take A Moment Today

    I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!

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    Re: Take A Moment Today

    Good man SS

    I remember flying over NY days before the attack. I also remember it being a very nice day (weather wise) in Glen Burnie that day... Listening to Chip Franklin all morning at work...

    God (or whatever deity you prefer) bless America.

    And go Ravens!
    Keeping the purple flowing way out on the West Coast!

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    Re: Take A Moment Today

    It changed my life forever...

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    Re: Take A Moment Today

    Every year I feel for both of these losses. I guess most people wouldn't understand how the loss of Johnny U could compete with what happened in 2001, but it is good to feel like it is OK to mourn both.


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