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    Re: Cincinnati-Nov 30


    There are $28 club level tickets all over the stadium. i was thinking about midfield on the bengals side so the sun won't be in our faces. Let me know what you think as I will be in town starting tomorrow.

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    Re: Cincinnati-Nov 30


    ok. i will check razorgator and see what is out there. are you going to be at the game or in b-more this sunday?

    as of right now i just have you and me committed. i'm hoping to hear back from some others but if i don't hear from them tomorrow i'm just going to go ahead and get tix for me and you. getting 2 tix looks a lot easier anyway and in these tough economic times my wallet will surely thank me for that, lol.

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    Re: Cincinnati-Nov 30

    Yes, I'm flying out tomorrow and will be at Eagles game this Sunday. I definitely am committed to this game, my air tickets take me home from Columbus on Monday, so I am in on this. I sent you a PM.

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    Re: Cincinnati-Nov 30

    got your pm. i checked out razorgator and found some reasonable options. i'll run them by you later tonight.

    where is everybody tailgating for this?

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    Re: Cincinnati-Nov 30

    just wanted to say thanks to all i ran intoduring the trip to cincinnati, specifically jay and the ravens roost 18 in glen burnie. you guys made it a very memorable and fun trip (a ravens blowout win helps as well!) and i hope to see you guys around again. i also want to give big thanks (even though they are probably not reading this) to the roach gang, who despite being bengals fans/gluttons for punishment, welcomed a bunch of ravens fans to cincinnati and composed themselves with a ton of goodwill, friendship and class. it was a great trip and hopefully we can all do that one again next year!


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