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    Flacco vs. Big Ben

    Writer for ESPN compares Flacco's debut with the path Ben took in his rookie year and suggests there are many similarities. Obviously it's too soon to say that after 1 game, but still interesting.

    The comments are pretty funny - typical Steeler inbreds mocking how Flacco is even in the same league as their immortal Ben.

    They also mocked his pedestrian stats, but obviously didn't watch the game and see Heap or Rice's drops.

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    Re: Flacco vs. Big Ben

    Man squeeler fans are some of the most self absorbed POSs out there...

    Why do I have to share air with them?
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    Re: Flacco vs. Big Ben

    Joe may not have had the same numbers in his first start, but Ben got jacked up in his first game a lot more than Joe. Ben did not start the game Madoox went down in, but it was still the first quarter and he threw a couple picks and jacked up pretty good while we returned one of them.

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    Re: Flacco vs. Big Ben

    "Is Flacco taking same path as Big Ben?"

    As long as that path does not include a motorcycle ride into the side of a car...
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