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    Week 2 adjustments for Cameron?

    Everyone was asking me Monday if I had a cold. I had to remind them that it was football season and that is how I will sound on Mondays for the next several months.

    What a game... I honestly have to admit, I never saw it coming.

    Football is a game of adjustments though and the "new-cam" offense is out of the bag and Houston will adjust.

    It was clear Cincy didn't know what was coming. The unbalanced offense line. What it must be like to be a defensive end or outside linebacker and see Gaither AND Terry coming at you with O'Neal and Mclain right behind. Ouch. I can't remember the last time the Ravens ran the ball so effectively around the left side and that was without J.O.!

    Also, it seemed to me from the upper-deck that Flacco was going through his reads and more often than not, dropped the ball off to running back as a safety valve. Running backs were wide open all day.

    Thus, I believe the success of the offense was based primarily on running the ball with an unbalanced line (I am not sure how many times they did this but from a mile away, it seemed quite often) and using the running backs as safety valves when passing. Also not overlooking the QB protection Flacco enjoyed.

    These should be easy adjustments for the Texans once they see the film and could neutralize, if their execution is good, these two important factors in the Ravens win on Sunday.

    I don't know much about Cam but what do people think he will do adjust to Houston's possible adjustments? For the first time 8 years I believe there will be adjustments on the Ravens part and I am excited to see them this Sunday.

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    Re: Week 2 adjustments for Cameron?

    Living in SoCal and having a brother who is a big Chargers fan I watched CamCam build San Diego from a mid-low teens O to a top 5 O.

    With the variety of backs we have (especially once Willis comes back) he will easily adjust a few things. Remember is Houston moves someone to spy or cover the back that is either A- someone not coming in on a blitz or B- someone not covering a WR/TE. I expect he will come out swinging with a couple passes to see how aggressive their pass rush will be. Testing the waters as it were.
    By the 4th they will be scampering after Willis / Rice and getting pummeled by 2x300lb guys and 2x220lb guys up the middle on their tired D.

    If the O Line does as well as they did Sunday we should be fine. Just keep an eye on the Super Mario guy.
    Keeping the purple flowing way out on the West Coast!


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