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    Re: Is Ogden Out This Sunday?

    Im not sure how some of you guys think Terry can fill in so easily. He hasn't proven much to me.
    Well, of course not, because he hasn't played much. And I'm not suggesting for a second that he is as good as Ogden of course, but I think he's going to be good enough at LT to fill in for a game or two. They thought highly enough of him to draft him in the second round, and I think they actually traded up for him, if I'm not mistaken, so I'm going to feel confident until he sucks. In his rookie season he didn't do so great at times, but they were playing him at RT most of the time, which is not where he excels. I think at LT he'll be fine.

    And, like you, I'd prefer Ogden to sit this one out. We need him healthy for the games that really count.

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    Re: Is Ogden Out This Sunday?

    Im starting to get a bad feeling about this toe injury.

    He's now downgraded to doubtful which I like.

    I just hope one week off will give it enough time to heal.


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    Re: Is Ogden Out This Sunday?

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Biff View Post
    If JO is out this weekend, would you then sit McNair? Let's face it, without Odgen, the QB is MUCH more vulnerable. Should we risk McNair or let Boller get some more snaps, and save/protect/rest McNair? He'd have 2 weeks rest going into the last game of the season.

    If Ogden is sitting (and he is) you definitely don't want Boller in there unless the game is out of hand. Boller would be panic city.

    That said, I would start Boller regardless against the Bills to rest McNair and to see Boller against a team that has game planned for him.
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  4. Re: Is Ogden Out This Sunday?

    What is turf toe?
    Turf toe is a condition of pain at the base of the big toe, located at the ball of the foot. The condition is usually caused from either jamming the toe, or pushing off repeatedly when running or jumping. The most common complaint is pain at the base of the toe, but you may also have symptoms of stiffness and swelling.
    The name turf toe comes from the fact that this injury is especially common among athletes who play on artificial turf. The hard surface of artificial turf, combined with running and jumping in football and soccer, make turf toe a frequent consequence of Astroturf play.

    What happens to the toe in turf toe?
    When a player sustains a turf toe injury they are actually tearing the capsule that surrounds the joint at the base of the toe.

    Tearing this joint capsule can be extremely painful. Furthermore, tear of the joint capsule can lead to instability and even dislocation of the joint at the base of the toe. This may lead to accelerated cartilage wear and arthritis of the big toe (hallux rigidus).
    What is the treatment of turf toe?
    The diagnosis of turf toe is not difficult, but X-rays may be taken to ensure there is no fracture. Treatment of turf toe consists of resting the sore toe, icing the area, and elevating the foot; anti-inflammatory medications may be recommended by your doctor. Athletes diagnosed with turf toe should avoid their sport for about three weeks to allow the joint capsule to heal. Once returning to activities, special inserts can be used to limit the motion of the big toe and prevent further damage to the joint capsule.

    Unfortunately, turf toe can return, and rehabilitation may be slow. Surgery is rarely needed for treatment of turf toe, but in certain cases it may be helpful. If a bone spur forms, and severely limits motion of the toe joint, surgery to remove the spur may be helpful.
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