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    Re: I don't know how long this will last....

    jeremish is dead on w/ his account. A few other things that might interest you about the game.

    1. Flacco was making good reads...and if nothing was there dumped it off to a RB or tossed it out of bounds like a veteran. He took what the def gave him.

    2. Heap dropped a perfect TD pass and a few other catcheable balls too.
    3. Rice dropped a pass where he had tons of room to run.
    4. Offense got to the line w/ 18-20 seconds left
    5. Figurs had a PR for a TD called back on a very ticky-tack illegal block in the back penalty. The game was not as close as the score would lead you to think. will Flacco and this team respond in their first road game?


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    Re: I don't know how long this will last....

    Quote Originally Posted by Rxdoxx View Post
    I laughed at the irony of it.
    We are #1 against the pass, and not even 5th against the run.
    I'm not complaining... just thought it real odd in terms of RavenD...
    just a very early season stat quirk, I found funny.
    Ravens only gave up 65 yds rushing so probly #6. those other guys' numbers won't hold up for long.
    Baltimore Ravens, 2012 NFL Champions!


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