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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    The Ravens got a lot more intel from the former WR coach than the RT I am sure, but hey beat the Bungles up and took the fight out out of them, not the signals.

    Wait until Big Willy gets a chance to slap some of Dem Bungles around in some 3 tackle formations at the end of the next one.

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    That was some funny stuff, like this is the 1st time in the history of the NFL this ever happened. What a bunch of whiners!!!!

    My youngest son Kyle w/ Michael Phelps after the Browms game 12/24/11

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    Bu..bu...bu...but on wall street, this is called "insider trading" and is illegal! I do not see how it is any different in football!


    Yes, someone actually made that point. They compared insider trading and Willie advising on the Bengals playbook.

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    Anyone been over to see what their excuse is this week? Must have been the Cheatin Ass Wind...

  5. Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    TJ Housh is a jackass.
    Every time his team loses he has something to say or an excuse to list.
    Nice 6 catches in two weeks, loser.

    Marvin's getting fired by week nine. Mark it!


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