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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    Sour Grapes.

    With 15 seconds left on the playclock, all helmets are turned off, meaning any information Willie wanted to send in after that point wouldn't make it.

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    All he can contribute is a guess, based on the formation. It's not like the Bengals executed on defense, either. Fourth and one, they line up 'goal line', or 'jumbo' or whatever; it's not like they have only one play they can run. If they do, they have nobody to blame but themselves. . .

    The Ravens have played the Bengals one zillion times, and have their game tapes from one zillion games more. I don't doubt he might have said what he knew, just as I don't doubt coaches monkey with the injury report. I just doubt either one has a significant impact on the game.

    Stupid thread. Theirs, not ours. We have *other* stupid threads. But this one, I like: wallowing in other people's misery. :toast:

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    i am a bad sport and take loosing pretty rough.but seems like all of cincy takes it rough as well.

    somebody should ask them did willie tell cmac how to shut down his side or rolle to play as well as he did.did willie tell mcclain how do run the bunch of high school boys over that the bengals call a NFL defense.

    all in all they are a bunch of cry babies who cant handle not getting their way and as for t.j. housmandehaz (or how ever its spelled)he is just a punk ass mouthy bitch

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    Quote Originally Posted by bmorebirds_24 View Post
    i am a bad sport and take losing pretty rough.but seems like all of cincy takes it rough as well.
    Fixed it for you.

    Sorry, pet peeve.

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Losac View Post
    Fixed it for you.

    Sorry, pet peeve.
    its ok.i did it by accident that happens when i try to type fast....

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    Nice find Fanatic! That is some funny shit.
    Season ticket holder since 1996. Section 124 rocks!

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    Gotta love the Joe Fucco nickname they threw out there also, classy bunch. :D

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    Bengals fans just don't know how to handle a loss. We won fair. I wish they would just accept the fact that they MIGHT just actually be an unstable and defective football team
    :D ;) :D

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Andon
    Bengals fans just don't know how to handle a loss.
    Most of them probably do, they've had enough practice. But the guys on this Bengals thread --

    I'm sure it was inside information from Willie that led the Ravens to run the ball down their throats in the fourth quarter.

    For some reason, I think it's funny that it was an admin that started that thread with such a wild meltdown. Maybe some of these guys are just in shock and denial over how bad the Bengals looked.

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    In defense, that is clearly a Bengals fan forum and not an official site. We all know that fan forum users are a lower class of citizen.
    I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!

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    Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    Just goes to show you how crazy those Bungles fans are.

  12. Re: Cheatin' Ass Willie!!

    Wow I am just in shock how the treat each other on the forums. I mean granted we are all not "nice" here but we really do not get down like that. They are poor losers and are looking for someone to blame other than team. It is one thing to get your panties in a bunch after a loss but it is another to start screaming cheater. It is not like he was still getting paid by them, how is that cheating? They cut him we signed him; point blank!


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