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Thread: 10 Things

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    don't forget to add MCGahee in there soon...

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    Re: 10 Things

    Don't write off Willis, and Heap is going to get his game back. The Ravens are going to have a very good offense for a long time.

    The talent is there. They just needed a QB and coach who knew what he was doing.

    Williams and Figurs can provide the deep threats we need to keep 8 out of the box, but Mason and Clayton showed they have deep speed and incredible double move routes. The way the O line and more importantly Backs and TE all protected the QB, will let the Wrs to work open deep. Flacco missed a couple times and had a couple Tds dropped, but the plays are there to be made.

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    Re: 10 Things

    Quote Originally Posted by bmorebirds_24 View Post
    me personally i have been thinking that it might be time to look for a young leg to come in for stover and be ready to take the job soon.
    Been a consideration for years. Problem is roster spot, who the heck do you cut? None of us were happy to see Stills go, but we understood the squeeze.
    The idea has a little more oomph this year with Harbs emphasis on ST... even right now we have 2 CB coming active (Oglesby gone?), and decisions to be made. And can probably use an added TE with no room either.

    I sure agree with your thinking, just can't visualize it in the roster dynamics clearly.

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    Re: 10 Things

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenDavey View Post
    I would like to add the following...

    Offensive ball control and Time of Possession.

    Think of how much better our defense is going to be throughout the entire season if the D stays off the field. Not only will they dominate even more than they do already, but they will put the hammer down!!
    stats say Ravens held the ball for 13:17 in the 4th quarter. I don't know if anyone keeps track of that sort of thing but it must be close to an NFL record. I think the last drive was over 7 minutes.
    can we imagine the D over on the sidelines catching their breath and downing gatorade and waiting to go back in...and waiting...and waiting...
    Baltimore Ravens, 2012 NFL Champions!

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    Re: 10 Things

    Figurs Rack it


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